Dear friends! You guys are unbelievable! We have made a pretty big leap since the last donation update! 54% of the required monthly resources have been achieved! After last week’s 50% hurdle you really put the pedal to the metal and put four more percent in our donation box – in just seven days! If you ask us, it can go on like this! And we really thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
You guys are just great!♥

Another wonderful news: We’re pleased to see that more and more one-time donors are registering as permanent donors. We are also very grateful for this as the path we are taking together with YOU proves to be absolutely right! We are especially impressed by the fact that you like the network so much that you decide to donate permanently – despite the fact that not all functions have been implemented yet. You are as enthusiastic about Human Connection as we are, and that’s just wonderful!

If together we encourage another 1,400 people to donate a tenner a month to the platform, then the roughly planned release of the beta version (link milestones) in October is not soooooo far off the mark. With the current financial circumstances, however, it is not yet possible for us to meet this deadline, as our programmers and other team members also have to live on something besides air and love. 😉

So thank you very much to those who know that we as a core team don’t want to get rich on you, but work hard and often until late at night. To those who trust us – and who inspire this trust in Human Connection in their fellow human beings.

Thank you for your courage – it carries us!

Your Human Connection Team