As a scout, Amir Nasser learned to take responsibility and to be open to people of all nationalities and faiths. As a firefighter he learned to correctly assess the fire and its dangers in order to rescue other people from emergency situations, and as the paramedic he is the helper in need providing emergency medical assistance and rescuing severely injured people.

The German changemaker Amir Nasser does not only possess the two above-mentioned abilities.
As an IT specialist for system integration, he was also head of his own online marketing company and project manager in Ethiopia for about two years. And he traveled the world several times.

Around 2008 he realized that he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and founded his organization Altruismus e.V.. With his organization, which is located at the Holzfeld estate in Schwarzenbach an der Saale in Bavaria, he and his partner Sarah Lutzmann offer people opportunities for self-discovery, personal development and a practical implementation of collaborative projects under the guidelines of the four pillars of community,

environment, education and health. Topics addressed by Altruismus e.V. include permaculture, self-sufficiency, and minimalism.

Everyone is invited to join and be part of the change from egoism to altruism.

We at Human Connection are also on the mission to invite people of all nationalities and faiths to join our social, knowledge and action network. Human Connection, unlike commercial social networks, provides tools and functions that foster understanding, collaboration and a way to take action together for the betterment of the world around us.

We thank Amir Nasser for his valuable work and for supporting Human Connection!