Björn Apostel already saw much success in his professional career at a young age as a trained commercial specialist. But he could not reconcile his career with his personal ethics and moral ideas of freedom and justice for all people.

Instead, in 2014, Björn organized a nationwide relief collection campaign for people in eastern Ukraine and drove there himself to deliver the relief goods.

In April 2015, after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, he provided six weeks of humanitarian aid with his partner Germaid. After that he decided to lay the groundwork for the foundation of his association to support people in need.

As a father, Björn is also highly motivated to make the world a better place through his actions.

A future worth living for future generations is also in the focus of Human Connection. We therefore are very happy to welcome Björn Apostel with his organization be the change e.V. on our social, knowledge and action network that serves the world!

Thank you very much, dear Björn, for your support and all the good that you do!

Here’s to networking that serves the world and to a better future for all children!