Dear community,
you can see how little trust many people have in our world and in a better future by looking at how reluctant people are when it comes to believing in a project like Human Connection.

Is it because many people have already given up hope for a better world and seem to have already accepted their fate of not being able to change the world anyway?

I can’t get the words that a fellow changemaker said to me last year out of my head: “Dennis, Human Connection is too good to be true.”

But Human Connection is real. Everything Human Connection offers is real. More than that, Human Connection does not arise from any magic, but from simple online tools that we should definitely use in combination in ALL social networks.

Human Connection is not a fraud. We’re not the secret service. We are not a group of greenwashers. We are neither party nor religion. Human Connection is a non-profit organization. Everything at Human Connection is intended to serve people, and we will not be bought.

There’s a lot of whining about the state of social media in our communities, not to mention the outrage over the recent Facebook data scandal that has betrayed the trust of a lot of social media users – and we’re still not fully clear about the extent that the acquired private user data have influenced voter behavior in the US and in the Brexit vote, for example.

As a social network we are concerned of course with the issues concerning user privacy but also the idea of an inclusive and open internet that celebrates ALL voices: Our goal is to provide a universal and non-profit solution to the way that we connect and share online. And let’s be honest, dear friends, we have not seen so much hope and a sense of optimism recently as we have with Human Connection.

But despite all the great forward momentum we have seen, Human Connection hasn’t received the attention that (we think) it deserves in the mainstream media. Yes, the reach of the big media outlets could be indispensable for a project like Human Connection. But it is another, much more serious factor that is questioning the future of Human Connection:

Human Connection can only work with a strong community. Because we are nonprofit and don’t have advertising on our platform, we are dependent on crowdfunding to secure our operations. We are looking for 3,000 people to cover the amount needed to keep the most important aspects of Human Connection operational.

What for some feels like repetitive Human Connection promotion is a race against time for us.
“By people – for people” is not merely some amplified ad slogan, but it is our mission. “By people – for people” represents the values we stand for; it is our call to help you – to help us all.

What for some is an annoyingly long wait for a public beta version of Human Connection, is for our core team the fear of not being able to remain solvent until the end of the year. It’s the fear of potentially losing team members due to a lack of funding, which is equivalent to the failure of the whole idea.

We are currently well behind schedule. In view of the fact that we haven’t yet reached our required minimum funding target (supported by 3,000 people per month), it is almost impossible to plan the launch of the public beta later this year.

While we see “by people – for people” as our greatest strength and the foundation of a social, knowledge, and action network that has the potential to disrupt the current social media landscape, the non-profit approach is also our greatest challenge when it comes to funding this groundbreaking idea. But this is the only way the idea of Human Connection can work.

We are Human Connection. Only together can make the impossible possible.

As for a recent highlight Human Connection received prominent support from German football world champion Lukas Podolski.

And while some naysayers have criticized us for having a commercially successful soccer player support us, we’re thrilled and honored by Podolski’s sincere support. Finally, here’s a high-profile personality who is speaking out for us without wanting anything in return. Poldi has a passion for social good projects, and his support comes from the heart. That’s what makes him different from people who like to complain about everything negative, but in the end do not contribute anything positive to change things for the better.

If you’re among those who appreciate what Lukas Podolski is doing for us, I’d like to encourage you to kick it like Poldi!

Share the great news, join our alpha by become one of 3,000 and giving us the financial stability we need to continue building YOUR network that serves the world!

THANKS for your support!

Dennis Hack
Founder of Human Connection


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