Marco Henrichs was born in the German Rhineland and has been a long-distance swimmer of the Russian Federation since 2017.

In 2016 he was a record swimmer at the KotlinRace, an extremely challenging swim in Russia in 14°C cold water. The swim starts in St. Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland and continues for 25 km until swimmers reach the port city of Kronstadt on Kotlin Island. In the same year Marco Henrichs won the silver medal on the long distance at the SwimRun Russia, a trail running and open water swimming event in the Leningradskaia region, side by side with a Russian athlete. Decades ago, the ancestors of both athletes fought bitterly against each other in these forests and millions of Germans and Russians lost their lives.

This event was Marco’s starting point to raise awareness for peace and international understanding with Russia. His efforts were ignored and not reported by the German media landscape. However, his activities to promote a better understanding between the two nations was taken up all the more positively in Russia.

In September 2018 Marco Henrichs will try to be the first swimmer of the Russian Federation to swim the 37km long and 13°C cold North

Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland – as a sign of peace!

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