We thank U.S. director and producer VW Scheich for his support and we’re grateful to see Human Connection is reaching hearts and minds on the North American continent!

VW Scheich is a fearless writer and director and he recently completed his feature directorial debut „Interwoven” – a film starring Academy Award®-winner Mo’Nique („Precious”). It based on thirteen true life stories intertwined to create one compelling narrative about the human condition and everyone’s search for meaning and connection.

His current project „Carpe Vegan” is a feature film documenting the journey of health as Nikita (former U.S. Olympic fencer) and Jeff (PGA Master Professional of Instruction) commit to eating vegan for a year. Scheich says about:

„As we watch them change and grow into a healthier version of themselves my hope is to inspire people to rethink their own food choices and make their health a priority.
Just as Human Connection is inspiring people to rethink social networking and to put the quality of their message first.”

You can take a look behind the scenes at „Carpe Vegan” on Facebook.

Thank you, VW, for your kind words of support!

We wish your documentary much success and look forward to sharing it with our community on Human Connection.