KenFM is an independent German digital news portal and was established in 2011 by German TV and radio journalist Ken Jebsen.

Since the program’s launch in spring 2012, funded entirely through donations, KenFM has been producing news reports, interviews, talk-shows, political comments and analyses on a regular basis.

KenFM states on its homepage that „democracy is at risk or already abolished in many areas.” Ken Jebsen considers his media portal to represent the free press, which is „exclusively dedicated to its users attempting” to reverse this process and provide a counterbalance to corporate and mainstream media outlets in Germany and beyond.

In a way, you can compare the Germany-based KenFM to the Los Angeles-based independent, online media network „TYT Network” and their flagship program „The Young Turks”, a progressive American news and commentary program hosted by Cenk Uygur and others.

Both KenFM’s Ken Jebsen and TYT’s Cenk Uygur are on a mission to present an in-depth, human-focused view and independent, alternative voices on current events as a counterbalance to the predominately biased news or „fake news” currently shown on mainstream media.

We’re thrilled about all the great work done by Ken Jebsen at KenFM and are grateful for his support of Human Connection, the social, knowledge and action network that serves the world.

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