Dear friends of the most colorful social knowledge and action network, every day we asked ourselves the question “What makes up a truly social knowledge and action network? What is the good world order?” and how we can give you a plausible and very straightforward answer.

We believe that in addition to the tools and functions that make up a non-profit organization, it is YOU who are using the new opportunities we create with Human Connection to shape our future in a sustainable and solution-oriented way.

Inspired by these challenges, the last six months have passed in no time. Have you ever thought about your lifetime? We all know how valuable it is, especially in times of real-time communication, which connects us digitally at any time and any place. Wouldn’t it make sense to use our resources for a common purpose for the good of all?

We believe it is essential and it is time to connect, share knowledge and become active together for a better world. You can find our message in our new video The GOOD World Order:

The Good World Order - Human Connection

We said to ourselves: You may only live once, so we take the opportunity and make the possibility possible. In our small team, almost every day is characterized by an intense dynamic filled to the brim with tasks and challenges that have to be tackled. In addition to the continuous development of the tools of the alpha version, we prepared for you social media posts, newsletters and our videos and Let’s Talk meetings, in which we introduced you to the state of development and the concrete possibilities, tools and functions of an unparalleled social, knowledge and action network. We were also happy to receive editorial contributions and interview requests to spread your network and the idea behind Human Connection.

Oh yes, by the way, and probably not obvious to you: Amid all the administrative challenges and tasks that had to be dealt with, we have tried with all our hearts and minds to answer your support requests on the various channels in order to respond to your requests. Please understand if we were not able to answer you immediately or if access to the alpha has been delayed due to the high number of requests.

Those of you who were at our booth at the Pax Terra Musica Peace Festival will probably have realized that the preparations for this event took a lot work – not least through private expenses of Human Connection founder Dennis Hack, who provided the necessary financial means to create this wonderful OFFLINE meeting opportunity for the Human Connection community.

Our gratitude goes to all those who visited us at the Human Connection lounge at Pax Terra and got to know the Human Connection team. We all went home with the beautiful feeling of what human connection feels like and are newly inspired to use our hearts and minds to help create a free and better world.

Here’s to a world where everyone can speak of freedom of expression and democracy and to a world in which people without words understand each other because they live for a common goal.

We believe that the road is the destination and many small steps make a big leap. Because we believe that change takes place in every individual and that, if we are enough people, we can live up to the issues of our time!

It takes only ONE person to start something. We only need ONE voice to begin to speak up. We need YOUR voice to start something and to begin the journey – step by step. Voice by voice – we can make a difference and grow our movement!

Let’s get together on Human Connection. And spread The Good World Order!

We thank you for your trust in our heart project and for spreading the word!

Here’s to networking that serves the world!

Your Human Connection team