It is said that at the other end of the rainbow you will find a pot full of gold or even paradise. This is a wonderful metaphor for the mission of the first social, knowledge and action network of its kind — Human Connection.

The contents of our pot of gold should be distributed fairly – to ALL people on this planet. Our pot of gold means justice and fairness everywhere – not just at one end of the rainbow.
We envision paradise to include peace and cooperation – instead of wars and competition. Our mission is to bring happiness, contentment and health to communities all over the world, with the help of our groundbreaking functions that you don’t see on any commercial social network.
In the world that we envision there is no resentment and no hatred but trust and love. The realization that we as humanity form a unity is the definition of paradise for us.

We are finding our way across the rainbow – with Human Connection.
With this network we provide all people with a tool that can deepen and expand their awareness of non-violent coexistence on earth.
This can be clearly seen in our alpha version because the atmosphere there is characterized by mutual respect and peaceful interaction. The strong will to reach the pot full of gold for ALL unites this community.

Everything that serves people and our planet is the credo – and since you should never think in black and white, Human Connection is as colorful as a rainbow!

In the myths and legends surrounding the pot full of gold at the other end of the rainbow, only individuals or small groups set off to reach their destination. In most cases, they fail because of themselves or because of the necessary resources.
Let us be wiser and take along as many people as possible and use the knowledge of all of you changemakers, because knowledge – like love – becomes more when you share it.

These days we have also reached the highest point of the rainbow thus far financially, more than 50% of the required monthly funds are secured. Thanks to all of YOU!
We hope that the second half of the way will be less difficult and that this will give us a good tailwind. Fewer than 1,500 more sponsors are still needed to get us to the next milestone – working on and releasing the beta version of Human Connection. If we find these people who are passionate about supporting the basic network functions with ten euros/dollars/your preferred currency a month, nothing more stands in the way of the further development of Human Connection.

Get your ticket to “heaven on earth” now!

Somewhere over the rainbow …
is Human Connection!

Thank you for reading and sharing!