In addition to her successful psychology studies at the University of Cologne in Germany, Janina Jaspers has been involved in positive social transformations and change processes in various contexts for many years. Her main topics are still today:

  • cross-cultural interchange
  • communicating
  • conflict management
  • decision-making processes
  • and social commitment.

In the summer of 2017, she decided to set up Step into Action in Cologne because she believes that there is great social potential for positive change. Many people simply do not know that they can make a positive contribution.

Janina and her team want to give young people in particular the feeling that commitment is fun and, above all, that everyone can make a difference.

The intentions behind Janina’s work and the Human Connection network are the same – to get from information to action and thus make a positive impact. We are therefore looking forward to working with Janina and the organization Step into Action!

THANK YOU for your support, your commitment to change and your enthusiasm for Human Connection, dear Janina!