Hello friends! We’re thrilled that Malte Klingauf, the founder and initiator of the German peace & music festival, Pax Terra Musica, is supporting Human Connection.

Between 2014 and 2016 Malte hosted “vigils for the first ever world peace” in Berlin and when in June 2016 about 5,000 people gathered in front of the US military base Ramstein for a peaceful protest, the idea of the peace festival was born. In the following year, several artists, exhibitors and changemakers of the German peace movement met about 1,500 peace-loving visitors at the inaugural Pax Terra Musica Peace Festival in 2017 – the event was a success both in terms of content and people’s enthusiasm!

Although the festival had been a huge success, Malte Klingauf actually had to file for bankruptcy after that first event. But: “Fortune is with the good guys!” Less than twelve hours after the bankruptcy announcement, a young supporter approached Malte with the wish to renounce her plan to buy a new car and instead use that money to save the peace festival!

So, hooray! Pax Terra Musica is back in 2018 – and Human Connection is on board! We are looking forward to a wonderful time together!

Why is Human Connection at the 2018 Pax Terra Musica?

That’s clear: Both the peace festival and Human Connection want to connect people in a peaceful way. Both want to provide the space and possibilities for us to actually live in peace and promote peace. While Pax Terra Musica creates a place for workshops, discussions,

personal conversations, music and much more in the real world, Human Connection brings people together in the digital world. In our social, knowledge and action network you will find many social good topics and functions to promote positive social change as well as creative solutions and future perspectives like at Pax Terra Musica.

One of the seemingly most unimaginable but actually most important goals of this time is:

the first ever WORLD PEACE.

Join us, move beyond information, and let’s take action together!

  • When? July 27 – 29, 2018
  • Where? open-air theatre grounds in Friesack, Brandenburg (Germany)
  • What? Pax Terra Musica – The Peace Festival

Find out more about Pax Terra Musica on the website of the peace festival!

Many thanks to Malte Klingauf – for his courage, his perseverance and of course for his time & words for Human Connection!

And to all of you who support Human Connection and the Pax Terra Musica Festival so greatly: Thank you very much! You are our tail wind!

Your Human Connection Team