The German author and freelance journalist Paul Schreyer supports Human Connection, and we’re grateful for his kind words!

In addition to the attacks on 9/11, the banking system and the creation of money, he also covers the manipulation of our public discourse by the media. With his current book „The Fear of the Elites – Who Fears Democracy” Schreyer not only puts his finger into the wounds of society – he also shows possible solutions to lead democracy out of its crisis.

Censorship, cross-front and direct democracy were among the topics discussed in his last interview on KenFM, the German-language independent media outlet.

More information and interesting interviews, his books and lectures can be found on Paul Schreyer’s German blog – for those of you who speak German.

Thank you, Paul, for your words of support!

And to you a big THANK YOU for reading, watching and spreading the word!