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Human Connection-Note – “In nerds we trust.”* PDF
Human Connection-Note  – “You are the best currency”* PDF
Human Connection–Sticker 30×30mm PDF
Human Connection–Sticker 50×50mm PDF
Human Connection Tree englisch Human Connection-Tree with explanatory notes (2×A4)* PDF
Human Connection Tree englisch Human Connection-tree with explanatory notes (2×A3)* PDF

*Watch out! Double-sided printing! These files are best suited for printshops.

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Human Connection Logo 2018 - QUERFORMAT Horizontal Brandmark JPG | SVG
Human Connection Logo 2018 - HOCHFORMAT Vertical Brandmark JPG | SVG
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Wallpaper Herbst LOGO | BANNER | WALLPAPER
Name Link
press release – 03/2018 – Closed Alpha ist Online PDF
press release – 02/2018 – Open Source PDF
press release – 08/2017 PDF | Word
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Founder and CEO Dennis Hack
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