Dear community member, we are happy that we can finally celebrate the halfway point with you, because – believe it or not – we have raised 50% of the necessary minimum monthly operating funds! Around 1,500 people have now agreed to become sponsors and support Human Connection monthly with 5, 10 or even more euros | dollars | your preferred currency. Hooray!

Now it’s up to all of us to find another 1,500 people who understand the groundbreaking idea of Human Connection and are as passionate about it as we are!

And we will succeed – with your support!

If every one of us manages to get one or two friends on board, even if they can only a fiver per month, the basic funding would be guaranteed. That means we could finally plan the open beta release date and put all our energy into the development of the network, instead of – as is currently the case – in the search for sponsors.

We also hope that our one-time donors enjoy the network so much that they decide to make a monthly recurring donation. Many of you have already decided to do so in the last few days and have now become monthly sponsors. We are very grateful to you for your continued support as it shows that you are as enthusiastic about Human Connection as we are.

That’s why kindly ask you to spread the word!

Share the idea of Human Connection, inspire your community about it – together we can make sure that this network does not fail because of a lack of sufficient funds!

Many thanks to all previous supporters, whether you gave once or committed to a monthly recurring donation – which is tax-deductible by the way ! You’re simply amazing and your trust sustains us!

Your Human Connection Team