“A team is more than the sum of its parts.” – This experience is made by every person who is working in a functioning team.
Anyone who has taken a closer look at our milestones knows that a permanent team has developed since spring 2018 and has grown steadily since then. Every single member of this “core team” has already outgrown himself many times at Human Connection and many work late into the night for the network. And every single person in the crew is aware that the community and all volunteers in and around the network are the people who make this team possible in the first place.


Your Human Connection Team

Team Human Connection - Dennis Hack, Gründer & Geschäftsführer - Human Connection

Dennis Hack
Founder & CEO


Team Human Connection - Viktor Jan Maselli, Administration & Finanzen

Viktor Jan Maselli
Leader of administration & Finance


Phone: +49 151 43804222

Team Human Connection - Martin Döring, Bereichsleiter IT

Martin Döring
Leader of IT


Robert Schäfer
Software developer


Wolfgang Huß, Entwickler - Human Connection

Wolfgang Huß
Software developer


Matt Rider

Matthew Rider
Software developer


A. Friedland, Entwickler- Human Connection

A. Friedland
Software developer

Doro Hudaszek, ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiterin - Human Connection

Doro Hudaszek


External support

Matthias Böhm, Softwareentwickler

Matthias Böhm
Software developer


A. Friedland, Entwickler- Human Connection

Erhardt Stiefel
Software developer

Human Connection - Alina Beck, Softwaredeveloper

Alina Beck
Software developer


Bjoern Gschwendtner, Grafik & Illustration - Human Connection

Bjoern Gschwendtner
Graphics & Illustration


Daniel Gast, PR-Management - Human Connection

Daniel Gast


Human Connection - David

Editing assistance


…and many, many volunteers!

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