„Human Connection is a project of trust, also for me.”
–Dennis Hack

The content of this quotation is a very important aspect in the work with and for Human Connection. This applies to the work within the core team as well as to our supporters.

Transparency creates trust.
We feel committed to every supporter, interested party, user, skeptic, media representative – simply every person.

On this page we would like to show how our income – which consists of 100% donations – develops and how we use this money.

The transparency reports

The detailed transparency reports are intended to convey what the donations are needed for and what costs Human Connection incurs monthly.

In order to be able to go into the public version, additional costs amounting to a total of 21,031 Euro/month will be incurred from today’s perspective.
These will be divided as follows:

  • developer: 11.450 €
  • operations/Network Security: 1.750 €
  • support: 1.750 €
  • moderation coach (also creation of trainings): 2.500 €
  • programmers for community moderation: 3.581 €

In this operating mode we then have all the basics and resources to complete the basic version of the network and be able to go into public operation, which is accessible to everyone – even without a donation.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the transparency chart, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

You can also reach us via our info telephone and
talk directly to our Hardy.

Hardy Groeneveld
phone: +49 7023 9488892